13 Short Horror Stories that Blew My Mind

Hi. My name is Keri. I’m a librarian with a slight obsession with the darker side of fiction and media. I’m also a former English major, which means I have constant, frustrating urges to wax critical on things that I can no longer channel into writing 10-page papers on water imagery in T.S. Eliot’s poetry. So I’ve decided to combine the two and start a horror review blog.

I love short horror fiction. I own a huge collection of horror anthologies (my entire apartment is seriously covered in them, except maybe the bathroom, and even that’s questionable), and the release of a new Stephen Jones- or Ellen Datlow-edited collection makes my day. While longer horror novels can often be very worthwhile, I find that the short-story format lends itself best to delivering a quick, memorable scare. After all, the best horror often leaves something to the imagination, which is much harder to do over 250 pages than 25– short stories can be as surreal, ambiguous and haunting as the author desires, and that’s why they’re great.

So I’ve decided to kick this off with a list of some of my favorite short horror stories I’ve read over the past few years. A few are even available to read for free online! Read on for my list of 13 Short Horror Stories that Blew My Mind.

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